ISBN: 1911405756
EAN13: 9781911405757
Language: English
Pages: 90
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Aziloth Books
Book Overview
Sir Thomas More coined the word Utopia (meaning 'No Place') to emphasise his conviction that in no corner of the world had humanity attained to the perfect society. Writing in 1516, More attempted to describe the basis of just such a civilisation, founded upon the principles of rationality, equality, and common ownership. But More's vision is not wholly rose-tinted: he acknowledges the imperfections of human nature, and attempts to construct an ideal society in which individuals fulfilling their baser urges would at the same time act in the best interest of the community. Nearly 500 years of social experiment now divide us from Utopia's author (and the ideal society is arguably no nearer), but Sir Thomas' book still has much to teach us.