Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger
ISBN: 0380731495
EAN13: 9780380731497
Language: English
Publication Date: December 28, 2004
Pages: 160
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Format: Paperback
Book Overview
The biggest surprise at Wayside School is that Mrs. Jewls is going to have a baby. The kids are helping her select names, such as Cootie Face if it's a girl and Bucket Head if it's a boy. But now Mrs. Jewls's class is going to have a substitute teacher. And if you know anything about Wayside School, you'll know that you can expect anything to happen!
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover Strange Strangers Come to Wayside School... Welcome back to Wayside School! After closing for 242 days to get rid of the cows (don't ask), everyone's favorite thirty-story school is finally back in session. But all is not well at the school with no nineteenth floor. Mrs. Jewls, the best teacher at Wayside, is having a baby, and that can mean only one thing--substitute teachers. First comes Mr. Gorf. Was he married to the terrible Mrs. Gorf? And why does he have three nostrils? The kids won't tell you. They're not talking. Then there's Mrs. Drazil. She never forgets a missed homework assignment, not even one that Louis the yard teacher owed her fifteen years ago. By the time the class gets the fearsome Miss Nogard, the kids can't wait for everything to return to normal. Wayside School may seem like a pretty strange place already, but now it has to get a little stranger. These additional anecdotes about Wayside School will surely tickle the funny bones of Sachar's fans. Thirty more 'time outs' are miraculously conflated into a semicoherent story about the students and teachers at this unique 30-story 1-classroom-per-floor elementary school. Mrs. Jewls, the teacher atop the school, is out on maternity leave and her students find themselves facing three consecutive substitutes....Contains hilarity, malevolence, romance, relentless punning, goofiness, inspiration, revenge, and poignancy.--School Library Journal.