What Happened to Paul Carter? VOL I & II EDITTED: The very true story of Love, passion & a Hitman.
ISBN: 0999233998
EAN13: 9780999233993
Language: English
Pages: 646
Dimensions: 1.00" H x 9.00" L x 6.00" W
Weight: 2.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback

What Happened to Paul Carter? VOL I & II EDITTED: The very true story of Love, passion & a Hitman.

Book Overview
This contemporary, psychological thriller, is sadly, an engrossing TRUE story. Stranger than fiction, therefore all the more fascinating and cruel. It immediately immerses you in the life of Katherine De Bois, now being hunted by a hired hitman, and still in hiding. As you live the confused flashbacks and experience the love, the loss, the shock and pain with her, she pieces memories together, hoping to understand what just happened and eventually how to come out alive. You can't help but constantly guess, incorrectly assume, and try to figure out how it ends, and why it all happened. At first glance it appears a decadent love story, but when you add the word hitman, it is no longer just a romance. But for every loving memory dredged up, they eventually leads to the answers. Beginning in 2014, as a wonderful and large love story, it quickly turns dark, after her much loved fianc disappears before her eyes. Katherine is forced into a complex and confusing world of deception, betrayal, hitmen and thugs. Written whilst ill, and reeling in shock at the recent events, she goes back in time, with fresh eyes, revisiting conversations, and events, determined to find the truth and ensure her safety. She shares her tumultuous journey of how a love story became tangled, ending in a totally unexpected way, leading to unexpected aftershocks, eventually taking her from Australia, across international waters, in an attempt to stay alive, and find the answers that would hold those guilty to account. Just when everything is perfect, it disappears, leaving you to piece the truth together, and wonder, exactly what did happen to Paul Carter?