What's Killing My Chickens?: The Poultry Predator Detective Manual
ISBN: 1612129099
EAN13: 9781612129099
Language: English
Pages: 272
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Format: Paperback

What's Killing My Chickens?: The Poultry Predator Detective Manual

Book Overview
For backyard chicken keepers and large-scale farmers alike, the single greatest challenge is protecting poultry from predators. What's Killing My Chickens? is the ultimate guide to identifying the culprit behind a coop intrusion and ensuring safety for the flock. Often, by the time an attack is discovered, the predator has already left the scene. Best-selling author and chicken expert Gail Damerow uses the style of a detective manual to teach readers how to follow clues such as tracks, trails, scat, and other signs to pinpoint the attacker. Profiles describe key habits of the possible predators -- ranging from raptors to rodents, foxes to bullfrogs -- and provide the best techniques for blocking their access to the coop and yard, including removing attractants, using poultry guardians and lighting, and installing the most effective type of fencing. This empowering book offers essential knowledge, and peace of mind, for every chicken keeper.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover Protect Your Poultry As a chicken owner, keeping your flock safe is your top priority, and few things are as devastating as finding yourself and your birds the victims of a henhouse heist. Gail Damerow's lively and logical detective manual teaches you to be the gumshoe, piecing together the clues predators leave behind - before and after an intrusion - to correctly identify the culprit and adopt the most effective strategies for keeping poultry safe and sound.