Winning with Data: Transform Your Culture, Empower Your People, and Shape the Future
ISBN: 1119257239
EAN13: 9781119257233
Language: English
Pages: 176
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Book Overview
Data is everywhere, but very few understand the implications on business and how to build an organization that creates and leverages data by developing the right culture. This book shares how to instrument a company and most importantly, build an internal culture that values and uses data to maximum effect. No other book on the market today discusses the importance of the cultural change that data will bring to companies everywhere, and more importantly, how to bring that cultural change to an organization. The book will use examples such as: Warby Parker- the fast growing eyeglass maker disrupting the $13B market monopolized by Luxottica, uses data to determine what models to ship ThredUp- the world's largest online second hand clothing store which uses data to process 20k+ of items per clothing per day. Venmo- the mobile payments arm of PayPal, uses data to understand user behavior Hubspot- the inbound marketing software maker uses data to transform their customer acquisition strategies
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover TRANSFORM YOUR COMPANY'S CULTURE TO CREATE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Winning with Data is the authoritative guide to revolutionizing your team's and company's culture to wield data to gain a superior competitive edge over your competition. Until now, organizations have had very little dependable guidance for analyzing data to develop sustainable competitive advantage. This practical guide shares the techniques, tools and tactics used by some of the most disruptive companies in the world, and explains the methods to replicate these patterns. Leading experts in big data, business intelligence, and business strategy Tomasz Tunguz and Frank Bien demonstrate leveraging the full power of data requires more than good infrastructure--it demands a universal lexicon, agreements between teams, ongoing education and infusing meetings with data. This complete resource illustrates how to efficiently instrument a company to collect and analyze the wealth of data available, including: Developing the right metrics to collaborate effectively across teams Structuring experiments and conversations with data effectively--along with tips for avoiding common data biases that lead teams to the wrong conclusion Educating your team and company on the most effective mechanisms for answering key business questions Sharing and presenting analyses and conclusions to reach the best decision The incisive case studies from some of the most disruptive companies in the world inform how other companies can transform their cultures to invent and develop their own competitive advantages. Start turning information into competitive advantage today with Winning with Data.
From the front Cover The biggest hotel company owns no hotel rooms, and the largest taxi company owns no taxis. Both organizations wield data better than any of their competitors to disrupt their industries. That's how powerful data can be when it's optimally leveraged. To gain a competitive advantage and dominate markets with data, you need to harness the power of curiosity and forge it into innovation with the step-by-step process in Winning with Data. Venture capitalist Tomasz Tunguz and seasoned executive Frank Bien provide a rare insider's look at the transformative cultural changes data engenders in teams and companies. Winning with Data provides tactical advice gleaned from category-defining companies so you can replicate these techniques. Whether you need to merchandise inventory better, measure and respond to customer requests faster, incentivize go-to-market teams effectively, or metamorphose your team's culture, the clear and easy-to-practice guidance inside gives you everything you need to spark and fuel data-based conversations and decisions. Illustrative, trenchant case studies give you an up-close and detailed look at how the leading data-driven companies disrupt industries with data. Get a privileged look at the specific strategies, techniques, and thinking behind how data is used by: Hubspot to develop best-in-class sales measurement and execution Warby-Parker to determine what models to ship and subsequently disrupt a $13 billion monopolized market ThredUp to transform the second-hand clothing business and process more than twenty thousand items of clothing every day Venmo to gain insight into user behavior in order to build the wallet for the millennial generation Data is transforming the nature of business in fundamental ways but most people are asking the wrong questions: big data, small data, structured data, unstructured data. Instead, the right questions are, How do we get exactly the right insight into everyone's hands at the moment they need it? With the authors' widely practiced methodology, the entire company can speak the same language and decide based on the same facts--not opinions--to outperform.