Woodwork Joints - How they are Set Out, How Made and Where Used
ISBN: 1445506521
EAN13: 9781445506524
Language: English
Pages: 228
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Woodwork Joints - How they are Set Out, How Made and Where Used

Book Overview
To be successful in woodwork construction, the possession of two secrets is essential - to know the right joint to use, and to know how to make that joint in the correct way. It is to these ends that this text will help not only the beginner who wishes preliminary instruction, but also the expert who desires guidance over ground hitherto unexplored by him. This antique text provides concise yet comprehensive information on joints, how they are set out, how they are made, and where they are used, with four hundred illustrations. The chapters contained herein include: Glues Joints, Halved Joints, Bridle Joints, Tongued and Grooved Joints, Mortise and Tenon Joints, Dowelled Joints, Scarf Joints, Hinged Joints, Shutting Joints, Dovetail Joints, Dovetail Grooving, Mitred Joints, Curved Work, Miscellaneous Joints, and Puzzle Joints. We are proud to republish this book here complete with a new introduction on woodworking.