Write to the Point: A Master Class on the Fundamentals of Writing for Any Purpose
ISBN: 1615194622
EAN13: 9781615194629
Language: English
Pages: 272
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Format: Paperback
Book Overview
Good writers follow the rules. Great writers know the rules--and follow their instincts Finding the right words, in the right order, matters--whether you're a student embarking on an essay, a job applicant drafting your cover letter, an employee composing an email . . . even a (hopeful) lover writing a text. Do it wrong and you just might get an F, miss the interview, lose a client, or spoil your chance at a second date. Do it right, and the world is yours. In Write to the Point , accomplished author and literary critic Sam Leith kicks the age-old lists of dos and don'ts to the curb. Yes, he covers the nuts and bolts we need to be in complete command of the language: grammar, punctuation, parts of speech, and other subjects half-remembered from grade school. But more importantly, he charts a commonsense course between the Armies of Correctness and the Descriptivist Irregulars. For Leith, knowing not just the rules but also how and when to ignore them--developing an ear for what works best in context--is everything. In this master class, Leith teaches us a skill of paramount importance in this smartphone age, when we all carry a keyboard in our pockets: to write clearly and persuasively for any purpose--to write to the point.