You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis
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You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis

Book Overview
Now, we are facing a far greater crisis. The shift from gold and silver coins to paper money caused great concern to economists such as Harry Browne, but now today even the paper money has no value. Nowadays, the world's financial system is carried on Internet websites Trillions of dollars flow back and forth every day through the world's financial markets. If the World Wide Web crashes, there is nothing to back it up.Today, the governments of the world are just creating ever increasing deficits. They are spending like there is no tomorrow. They are just bailing each other out. The world's economy is being run as a giant Ponzi scheme. Governments are bailing out banks and then bailing out each other. How much longer can this continue? The mother of all financial collapses is upon us NOW.That is why this book is needed more than ever NOW.