Zero Hour: Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage
ISBN: 0525536051
EAN13: 9780525536055
Language: English
Publication Date: November 14, 2017
Pages: 336
Dimensions: 0.84" H x 9.00" L x 6.00" W
Weight: 1.23 lbs.
Format: Hardcover
Book Overview
Harry S. Dent Jr., bestselling author of The Demographic Cliff and The Sale of a Lifetime , predicted the populist wave that has driven the Brexit vote, the election of Donald Trump, and other recent shocks around the world. Now he returns with the definitive guide to protect your investments and prosper in the age of the anti-globalist backlash. The turn of the 2020s will mark an extremely rare convergence of low points for multiple political, economic, and demographic cycles. The result will be a major financial crash and global upheaval that will dwarf the Great Recession of the 2000s--and maybe even the Great Depression of the 1930s. We're facing the onset of what Dent calls Economic Winter. In Zero Hour , he and Andrew Pancholi (author of The Market Timing Report newsletter) explain all of these cycles, which influence everything from currency valuations to election returns, from economic growth rates in Asia to birthrates in Europe. You'll learn, for instance: - Why the most-hyped technologies of recent years (self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain) won't pay off until the 2030s. - Why China may be the biggest bubble in the global economy (and you'd be a fool to invest there). - Why you should invest in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, and pull out of real estate and automotive. - Why putting your faith in gold is a bad idea. Fortunately, Zero Hour includes a range of practical strategies to help you turn the upheaval ahead to your advantage, so your family can be prepared and protected.