86—Eighty-Six, Vol. 1 (Light Novel) (86¿Eighty-Six (Light Novel))
  • 86—Eighty-Six, Vol. 1 (Light Novel) (86¿Eighty-Six (Light Novel))
  • 86—Eighty-Six, Vol. 1 (Light Novel) (86¿Eighty-Six (Light Novel))
ISBN: 1975303121
EAN13: 9781975303129
Language: English
Pages: 224
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Format: Paperback
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The San Magnolia Republic has long been under attack by unmanned weapons from the neighboring Empire. Against this onslaught, the Republic has also deployed similar weapons, narrowly avoiding great loss of life and impending disaster-or at least that's how it seemed.
The truth is that it has never been possible to have no casualties. Young men and women drawn from the Republic's supposedly non-existent 86th district are organized into the 86 unit and then ordered to pilot the unmanned weapons before heading to battle.

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   A great story
I watched the anime's first few episodes and bought the novel because I could not wait to know what would happen next. The story is great, reminds you of certain aspects of WWII, but only on certain things... The main scenario is war-related, but the way the author goes over concepts such as age of 18, justice, freedom of discrimination, and many other things, including patriotism is quite interesting. You wouldn 't expect your Run of the Mill Light novel to be so difficult and yet so captivating and amusing, at least not the ones we translate into English. A must read definite!
   Needs more editing
Borderline sekaikei mecha - Warfront - Edge or in other words, All Quiet on the Western Front + Animal Farm + EvangelionGundam + Bonus TEEN Angst. I have a tendency of laughing at otaku drama and pathos and spent most of the story treating it like a Russian satire riddled with cliche tropes. The world building felt only a little thought out enough to justify caste possessed teen mecha pilots and a psychic PTSD heart of the world, but was written like an angry teen's edgelording webnovel. What I am referring to is that cynicism is so dark, rather than empathy, it feels like a cartoonish comedy. It could be me alone, drama tends to break my suspension of disbelief more than any other genre. It seems to me like the setting changes in the next volume, so that it may get better, but this one was a miss for me.
   A lot of symbolism, but a very compelling read.
The way the public reacts to the reality of the situation, how the Authoura describes the treatment of the Colorata is gut wrenching and draws parelles to how Hitler's regime treated the Jews in WWII. The way the public reacts to the news pf the war reminds me of my fellow Americans and how they see the wars we've been involved for the past 19 years. How they ignore what is in front of them, how evrything is geared towards the war effort to the detriment of the soldiers and their families. However, it shows the other side of the coin. The few whistle blowers who step forward and those who work silently preserve the atrocities so that others would know the truth when the time comes. This book is really written and makes you feel good for the characters. There is a bit of flare that would be at home in Shounen - anime, not tht its a bad thing at all!
   A strong content told through a good story.
A truly sad story, based on human actions, the author presents a criticism and view of some shameless acts from our story, told through a parallel world. The story is solid and heartbreaking, although it loses a lot of its strength, as it is told in a very immature way. A lot of the dialogues and actions of characters does not make any sense, as it is the actions of a country in a war for its own survival. Characters are well developed and the author manages to communicate their personalities and feelings.
   Great first volume!
Everything is described from the world's struggles to find object details. I can read both the main characters fully and enjoyed reading situations from their perspectives. I was really able to feel what was happening and to visualize the emotions of each moment. Views on people and their behavior are not the only interesting aspect of this, but also the enemy in this world. The way this volume ended would have been a satisfying end if it was a standalone book, so I'm very happy that it has even more volumes and I hope that each volume leaves me as satisfied as the first.
   My first light novel review, because it was really good.
I am not a big reviewer, I just say that I really liked it. I'm surprised a second novel comes out, not sure how I feel about it, but this wraps up in a way that is good from start to finish a book in my opinion.
   More than I expected
For me, it takes a lot for a novel to evoke the kinds of emotions that this one does. I am part of the robot at times and yet I couldn t stop the emotions that came from reading this book. I look for powerful stories that make me reflect long after I finish the last page. Yes, I got some of that, but it was so much more. I can 't wait for the next one.