Batman By Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale Omnibus
ISBN: 1401284264
EAN13: 9781401284268
Language: English
Release Date: Sep 11, 2018
Pages: 1176
Dimensions: 3" H x 11" L x 8" W
Weight: 1.25 lbs.
Format: Hardcover
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Book Overview

Three epic stories--Batman: Long Halloween, Batman: Dark Victory and Batman: Haunted Knight--from one of the greatest creative teams in comics history are now collected in one big volume for the first time ever in Batman By Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale Omnibus, featuring a new cover by Sale

Batman: The Long Halloween: Taking place during Batman's early days of crime-fighting, this classic mystery tells the story of a mysterious killer who murders his prey only on holidays. Working with District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant James Gordon, Batman races against the clock as he tries to discover who Holiday is before he claims his next victim each month.

Batman: Dark Victory: Once a town controlled by organized crime, Gotham City suddenly finds itself being run by lawless freaks, such as Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and The Joker. Witnessing his city's dark evolution, the Dark Knight completes his transformation into the city's greatest defender. He faces multiple threats, including the seeming return of a serial killer called Holiday.

Batman: Haunted Knight: Taking place on the most evil of holidays, Halloween, the Dark Knight Detective confronts his deepest fears as he tries to stop the madness and horror created by Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter, The Penguin, Poison Ivy and The Joker. Also included is Catwoman: Read More chevron_right

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   Turned me into a forever Batman fan
I never thought I 'd read an entire omnibus, especially one of this magnitude, in a day. Well, it happened. I started reading in the morning and I look up Dark Victory after finishing my evening to find it in night time. I have gone into this book after Frank Miller's year one and Brubaker's The Man Who Laughs. Although both were good stories, I didn 't think they were good enough to pull me into the long convoluted Batman timeline. I have ordered several more Batman graphic novels now because I can 't get over how perfect this trilogy is. This has become my most essential omnibus in my collection, one that I will never part with. Regardless of the format in which they are found, I recommend these stories to anyone.
   Great stories and great art
The art is wonderful and the stories are quite good, with Long Halloween being the best of the others. Long Halloween so great, I really enjoy the crime family stuff, very godfather like. Intuite, Dark Victory blends seamlessly into Long Halloween. The Haunted Night Trilogy is fun, the first two stories are the best of the three in my opinion. There are fun short stories. Catwoman is fun and interesting when it is in Rome. The omnibus itself is current, for good DC omnibus quality, average. Binding is good not Marvel bad, but decent. Nothing to worry about if you get one with the newer printings now.
   🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳. Finally!! Gorgeous and simply amazing collection!
I have always loved these stories as an avid Batman fan, but this collection is just spellbinding! Absolutely beautiful presentation of possibly the best batsman stories ever written. I already owned the paperbacks of these stories, but had to have them in hardcover and took a chance on all Steller reviews... DO NOT HESITATE! This NOW BUY! Beyond Happy with the purchase ''. I keep all my flat collections omnibus to store the bindings. But in all honesty, this one is put together so we 'll have no issues with just putting it on the shelf like any book. Really cool stuff, folks. If you are a Batman fan, don 't miss this one.
   Excellent omnibus! Improved binding?
I heard that there were issues with the binding, but mine is perfect. However, I do recommend giving the binding a good stretch before reading.
   Atrocious, disrespectful packaging.
I ordered this, got it damaged, ordered a replacement and received it damaged again.
   Great Omnibus
I'm really glad that I got it! I love the writing of Jeph Loeb. Tim Sale is a great Batman artist and they have created some classic stories. It is a big book that brings out art and it is cool to have all their stories in one volume. I highly recommend it!
   Size Issue
The Batman - Omnibus LoebSale is one of my favorite volumes. I love the storyline that Loeb wrote and while I am not the biggest fan of Sale, his artwork here glows. What is really nice about this collection is that it is not only their interconnected works but also that the stories are all collected. If I have an issue with it, it is the size. At nearly 1200 pages of the thick paper, I feel like I am lifting weights at the gym whenever I pick it up. I understand why it was done in this way, I just wish that it had been divided into two collections to make it easier to handle.
   Solid Omnibus
This omnibus gathers some of the best stories for Batman fans. The hard cover at first glance is bland and appears like an afterthought, but can easily be overlooked. Its a black cardboard material similar to the Omnis that DC keeps giving non-stop dispensed. After reading the dust jacket, keep it on and it will look great on your shelf. The binding is similar to the new omnis coming from DC recently and stays flat when reading and isnt tight. It is a sewn binding and I havent had any problems. As far as the sheets go, they are not too thick and not too thin. The colors really stand out and the shades of black look really good and you can tell that they did not just reprint. There was some thought that went into it. In the back there are some really cool extras that make up for the overall price. In all this is a huge collection of some cool stories and my review is a little over-all but you want a reason why its 5 stars.
   Great story but bad omnibus.
Let me note that the stories of this run are some of the best comics ever written by Batman. I was very disappointed in how the book was put together. Both ends have glue gobs that are still sticky when you touch them. This collection deserved much more than the cheap binding. I do not recommend buying this unless the price drops by half.