Christianity and Wokeness: How the Social Justice Movement Is Hijacking the Gospel - And the Way to Stop It
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Christianity and Wokeness: How the Social Justice Movement Is Hijacking the Gospel - And the Way to Stop It

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Book Overview

In a world that is woke, how many Christians are actually awake? This short, theologically sound primer is a resource for pastors, ministry leaders, community leaders, and other thinking Christians that explains carefully and clearly what Critical Race Theory and wokeness truly are, what the Bible teaches about race and ethnicity, why wokeness is distinct from Christianity and should be rejected, and how the church can work for unity based in the gospel of grace.

Owen Strachan is a respected Reformed theologian and thought leader who can help Christians:

  • Better understand Critical Race Theory, something very few do;
  • Understand the high stakes--for the church and society at large--of wokeness as a movement;
  • Think through America's complex past with nuance and sensitivity;
  • Study how God has made humanity one through the imago Dei;
  • Grasp the beauty of the biblical doctrine of ethnicity and race; and
  • Be ready to work for unity in perilous times

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   Jesus would have a lot to say about this
Hi, I'm not the only one who has said this. At the core of his problem is a lack of a basic understanding of how society and culture work. They demonstrate shallow understanding at best, blatant logical fallacies often, and straight up lies, Reichert said.
   Great Summary of Movement and Offers a Practical and Biblical Response
In his book, Strachan masterfully and concisely summarizes the origins and pitfalls of the secular ideology he labels as “wokeness,” and shows how they cannot coexist in the church. Strachan does not shy away from hard questions and addresses current issues of sin and past sin which has tarnished the image of the church, which is incredibly important in addressing this topic. This is an important read for anyone who wants to know more about this topic and to see the urgency of how this ideology is progressing into evangelical circles, and how it must be stopped, he said.
   'Small Town Prof' needs his head Examined by a Christian not a Communist
Loved this book as it exposes in depth a conviction I've had about the church's handling of 'racism' in the church and how to counteract the corrosive lie of CRT, Graham said. I would recommend three other books to help complete your personal journey of sifting out the origins of this lie by reading: The Devil and Karl Marx by Paul Kengor. A former high-ranking black man who wrote of his tenure in the Communist Party and exposed how they were exploiting the black community wrote of his experiences in the 1960s. And thirdly, Why Social Justice is Not Biblical Justice by Scott David Allen, who tackles this topic from a deeply spiritual conviction and historical perspective as well.
   Jesus was the original "woke"!
His disciples believe that Jesus was the original woke human being. He was with God and was created in the image of God, the Lord's spokesperson said. He was the light shining in the darkness, but the world did not understand it. Good News, Rev. Paul Franklin, said, "is the message we are hearing today." Theologians say some fundamentalists are incapable of fully comprehending the meaning of the Lord's Word. One Christian commentator said Trump is "the Jesus of today's world" who has "lost touch with the Christian faith." He added: "I hope it in its attempt to mislead Christians into believing that Trumpism, Q-ism, and Fox news Fascism is somehow what Christianity teaches."
   As usual, the Baptist and Evangelical Church proves they don’t read the gospels
It's just that old, I am amazed we still have to write these things. Our beloved author mischaracterizes everything he touches, and also proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he and the people he writes to have never read or have a shred of knowledge of the Epistles. It they would see that all this energy they expend to preach against social justice stands in the way of the actual gospels and the words of Jesus. We get what we get though is that they preach a bankrupt gospel that has no relation to the words of Jesus. He should have his Doctorate revoked until he can do the basics of Greek work and a modicum of honest theology. These people are not members of the church for they don't believe in the gospels, he said.
   Great reference
Another good book for Christians who want to better understand the secular philosophy that is infecting the Church. Also highly recommend Voddie Baucham's "Fault Lines" and Thaddeus Williams' "Seeking Justice Without Compromising Truth."
   Best book on the subject
While there are several good works out there addressing the current controversies both inside and outside the church regarding awakeness'' and ''sjm,'' Strachan's book is the clearest treatment of the dangers and implications for the church. He also reveals how a believing Christian can simultaneously and consistently hold that one can abhor historical and contemporary racism and white supremacy while not being woke. One can clearly distinguish their own ability and even propensity to sin in racial ways without adopting the tenants of the woke worldview. You can hate racism and not be an anti-racist in the new definition of the word. In "The Power of the Gospel," Gordon Strachan provides a clear analysis of the differences between ideology and the message and implications of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
   Excellent & important book!
Strong criticism of the book notwithstanding, I recommend it to anyone. He deals with some of the same ground that can be found in Baucham's and Allen's books, but with Biblical response. Rather than just defining the issues, Paul breaks them down and provides several thoughtful chapters addressing these topics from the Scriptures. The book is highly recommended by those who have read it.
   The Book We Need
It's the right book for the right time. While it is obvious that Dr. Strachan is passionate about the Gospel and the church, his analysis is fair, thoroughly Biblical and avoids the cheap shots at the intellectual opponents. I have read this book once and have already made plans to read it with a group of men in my church. I highly recommend that you take a look at Christianity & Wokeness for any future discussion. Buy your copy today!
   Gospel centered
I've enjoyed Voddie Baucham's book Fault Lines as he exposed the divisions within evangelicalism on the subject of Wokeness. In his book, "Wokeness: The Biblical Basis for Living," Strachan shows how the book of Matthew differs from other Christian apologetics. He doesn't sugar coat the real sin of America's past, but roots this defense of biblical Christianity in the Gospels. Only the Lord's will unite us from every tribe, nation, and tongue. In a generous gesture of uncharacteristic compassion, Mr. Strachan tells the judge that "the vast majority" of the people in the courtroom "are not English." He urged the church to "avoid complacency" and to "reach out to every Christian." Hitchcock, who has battled cancer since 1983, has said Blair never met a doctor who didn't want to kill him.