Classmates Vol. 1: Dou Kyu SEI
ISBN: 1642750662
EAN13: 9781642750669
Language: English
Release Date: Jun 4, 2019
Pages: 180
Dimensions: 0.7086614" H x 7.007874" L x 4.96063" W
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Format: Paperback
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The touching Boys' Love story that inspired a hit animated film, in an all-new translation for digital and print.

Hikaru always thought his classmate Rihito was kind of a snob, until he stumbles across Rihito secretly practicing a song in an empty classroom. Hikaru agrees to become Rihito's music tutor, and with each lesson the two boys grow closer. But when Hikaru realizes that he's fallen for Rihito, will they stay classmates or become something more?

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A very sweet story about falling in love, my only issue is I can't tell how the one guy feels about it.
   Oh lord.
I can't say whether or not we'll meet again. I read this, and I swear I haven't even seen this book. This is a catastrophe, and good god was there to save the day. It was a lot of fun, Mr. Rule told the judge. It's pretty cute, too.
   One of my favorite mangas
I never saw the movie and was curious about why it was so popular, Sosa said. It was a blast, and I'm glad I did because I absolutely loved it. It's a good thing I bought the next two volumes before they sold out.
   a very familiar plot but a delicate, nuanced story
It follows a very familiar plot. And in the hands of a talented mangaka like Nakamura, the result is a delicate, nuanced work of fiction. What I enjoyed most about these two characters is that they are characterized by simple but effective ways to make them seem more like people. While the romance itself doesn't necessarily progress, the physical affection and emotional intimacy do. It's a sweet story that manages to not be saccharine, even if the plot is a tad convoluted. However, I would like to note that most prominent character outside the leads is a teacher who is attracted to one of the leads and pursues him to an extent.
   Holy Cats! That was good!
The artist's work is lush and fluid, with touches of sepia and black. The story is sweet and poignant, Raymond said. It takes time, passion and shounen-ai to get to where we are today.
   Beautiful Story
I would give it 4 stars for certain grammatical changes and transliterations, especially with how Sajou's name is spelled, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I've been following Nakamura's stories for some time now and Doukyui is by far the greatest one, in my opinion, that she has produced. Yes, it has tropes. It would be a travesty if it didn't exist. I would feel like I'm robbing the overall story of a perfect score if I gave it only 4 stars. The English or Japanese story is vividly conveyed and perfectly. It was a surprise, but I purchased one for myself and one for my best friend. I can't wait for the other releases!
   5 out of 5
As soon as I saw that they had translated this into English officially, I didn't even think about it, Mr. Dhaliwal said. This is such a wonderful, sweet story with such marvelous characters, Bernadette Peters said. Definitely worth a read.
Leaving me with such a feeling of inadequacy, it's just too good to die. I'm not even sure what to say, other than come on volume 2! It reopened my eyes to what I missed most about good books: great protagonists who I want to see more of.
   Basic but really, really sweet
One of those really basic ultra-basic level romance manga that just stays true to itself and doesn't set out to do anything more than it intends. The story is so very sweet, touching, and just funny in its application that it ends up being amazing just because it does everything so well, Levine said. No deep character introspection, ho homophobia subplots, no sexual harassment of any kind, and nothing more than a few kisses make this a truly wonderful film. There was no drama, but there was the typical “you didn't tell me where you were going after graduating" and the jealously thing. Overall I loved this story, it was touching, and made me smile so much, Blair said.
   Highly recommend!
Doukyui is a great representation of the past and present of Japanese manga. Doukyui is a simple love story of two teenagers, and the struggles of first love and navigating through teen life. Its a sweet story and although it's labeled as 'Yaoi' on Amazon, there is no sexual content only a few kiss scenes. If you're a fan of BL, or even just a fan of slice-of-life, I would highly recommend picking up this book.