Ghost Story
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Chicago wizard Harry Dresden gets a taste of the dead life in this novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

In his life, Harry's been shot, stabbed, sliced, beaten, burned, crushed, and tortured. And after someone puts a bullet through his chest and leaves him to die in the waters of Lake Michigan, things really start going downhill.

Trapped between life and death, he learns that his friends are in serious trouble. Only by finding his murderer can he save his friends and move on--a feat which would be a lot easier if he had a body and access to his powers. Worse still are the malevolent shadows that roam Chicago, controlled by a dark entity that wants Harry to suffer even in death.

Now, the late Harry Dresden will have to pull off the ultimate trick without using any magic--or face an eternity as just another lost soul.

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The Dresden Files Series In Order - By Jim Butcher

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   Hot Mess of a Ghost Story, but still a good read.
It was the worst book in the series and still got 3 stars, I agree with another reviewer that it was a terrible book. I have read books that changed Point of View with little to no warning and were easier to follow the plot line. I thought the plot was thin and the book was filled with something. I would have said it needed a 12 hour cut out and a rewrite. It was a decent book that made you want to know how it all came about. I am annoyed that the paperback takes more effort and money to produce and ship than the ebook.
   After the adrenaline rush that...
Ghost Story takes a step back after the excitement of Changes. I really like how deep this went into Harry's character development. Ghost Story has a case to solve but going into that is very secret. It feels like it's the secondary plot line, even though you might think it's the main plot. The task of changing Harry as a person is a difficult one, because he has been through so much in the past twelve books. Right here and now, Jim Butcher cares about this story and the characters.
   Not Butcher’s Best
Ghost Story is not Butcher's best, which is a shame because I loved the first volume of the book. Good things about this story. In the aftermath of Changes, it explores various characters. A lot happened in that book and it was bound to affect the characters we know and love. Not great things about this story. It is hard to get involved in the plot. There is a huge side plot with an elaborately drawn out new character which is tied up in a bow and discarded. There are a lot of attempts at humor by putting Dresden in situations he isn't prepared for, and watching him fall on his face. The conclusion shows that Harry is facing an old nemesis again. It is not bad, but Butcher can do better than this.
   Skin game save the series
Jim Butcher makes a great ghost story, but it was difficult to find out who killed Dresden. The rest of the book was not good. One thing that was fun about Dresden was his cleverness to get out of impossible situations which is fun to read, but not to the point where he just tries to cheat. It doesn't matter how moral you are, if you are going to do evil to others or yourself, it doesn't matter. Jim Butcher made the character boring and just another dime a dozen character, which is disappointing. He fixes the story a bit in the skin game, which is why I'm putting 3 stars.
   Worst book of a great series
I don't think this is a bad book, it's the worst out of a great line of books in the series. Jim Butcher set a high bar and he is not always going to meet it. The premise of the book is hard to write a plot or narrative off of, as the entire setup of the book is anticlimactic and not that exciting. I am anticipating a strong follow up book and story to the foundation Jim has laid in the Ghost Story, because it does serve has a setup for what is to come.
   Probably the scariest one yet
Even though the narrator won't die in the end, this book was hard to put down even though I knew there were more books coming. Harry has been sent back to find out who killed him. Three of the people he loves will be changed or destroyed if he doesn't do it. The bad things have started happening since he was dead, and Harry needs to get busy. It's the kind of story that keeps you guessing and no matter how many times you think you know what's going to happen, you don't. I hope he will write more. This is something I could read forever.
   Good but confusing
It was a good one. Jim Butcher did something completely different when he tore down his whole series. A non- Dresden character is in a scene near the beginning of the book. That was probably the best fight in the series so far. The book became very repetitive at times. A lot of the book felt like a bunch of short stories. I just finished reading the book and it was hard to remember what was going on. I liked it enough to give it a good rating, but is this the best book so far? There is no. Absolutely, no.