Gospel Fluency: Speaking The Truths Of Jesus Into The Everyday Stuff Of Life
  • Gospel Fluency: Speaking The Truths Of Jesus Into The Everyday Stuff Of Life
  • Gospel Fluency: Speaking The Truths Of Jesus Into The Everyday Stuff Of Life
ISBN: 1433546035
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Language: English
Release Date: Feb 28, 2017
Pages: 224
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Book Overview

flu-en-cy / noun
: the ability to speak a language easily and effectively

Even if they want to, many Christians find it hard to talk to others about Jesus. Is it possible this difficulty is because we're trying to speak a language we haven't actually spent time practicing?

To become fluent in a new language, you must immerse yourself in it until you actually start to think about life through it. Becoming fluent in the gospel happens the same way--after believing it, we have to intentionally rehearse it (to ourselves and to others) and immerse ourselves in its truths. Only then will we start to see how everything in our lives, from the mundane to the magnificent, is transformed by the hope of the gospel.

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The Holy Spirit has used so many books to open my eyes to who is Jesus, the story of the Gospel and how it can be shared with others. This book was absolutely amazing and is an easy-read with practical steps to take to see life through a gospel lens. It is definitely a book that I read over and over again.
   More love for Jesus
Jeff comes with a motion of graceful repentance of things we don 't even realizes are hindering our faith. This movement will take you to the cross like you have never experienced before. This book shows how striking Jesus is.
   Loved the concept as an intro to gospel fluent life
I love the idea of spiritual fluency as a way of life. I think that this book is a great intro to helping us rethink how we view the gospel in our lives and world and to begin to live this way. I made me wish that there was a sequel. I think I'd love to see more on how we can live these out practically and compassionately in such a broken world we live in. The attempt to identify with the Spanish-speaking and black community was sadly pretty cringe. Overall, this was a great springboard into a good way to live the gospel in our communities.
   Poor articulation; more frustrating than helpful
Sadly, not helpful. I love the idea of this book, but he struggles with articulating how the gospel applies to all areas of our lives. I read sections over and over trying to grasp his point, but nope, wasn 't clear. I think this is a very important topic, as most don 't understand how the gospel changes and helps a practical level from day to day. Unfortunately, this author is not the answer, but I appreciate the effort.
   Not really for me....
I liked this book at first, but I lost contact with it quickly. It is more of a general that I didn 't connect to. Small things, like when he asked his anxious wife many questions to bring her back. It seemed to work, but was annoyed with myself. Also, highly recommending the Bible of Jesus for children, which I did not care for. However, I think it is primarily that the author and I have different theological convictions. Since there is a good bit of teaching, somewhat for those who are not Christians yet, it is not a book I feel comfortable recommending or even giving to someone else. We're all different, so I am sure that many will connect fine with it. I also did not hate the book ''. There I have found some helpful advice, but it is not one to which I'll give shelf space.
   A book every Christian should read
A challenge we should accept all. We must learn how to speak the gospel and live it so that others can know Him. We have lost two generations because people have believed the lie that we don 't need to speak the gospel ; just live a good life and know people. That is a lie of the enemy and it cost us the church. But, God is able to revive His Bride if we will learn the challenge in this book and use the gospel fluency. We must intentionally pass it on!
   Great insights!
This book addresses a problem that Christians have fought with others since the beginning of the evangelistic movement of Sharing Jesus in a way that is relatable and not off-putting. This book talks about living our lives through the filter of our relationship with Jesus, which then gives us an understanding of how He penetrates every aspect of our lives. This understanding then leads to a much deeper relationship with him and a much more natural way of bringing him into our other relationships, making it easier to share him with those around us. This also talks about how speaking Jesus'truth does not have to be cruel, but should be loving and is ultimately dependent on us forming loving relationships with people, just as Jesus did. Overall, it is a great, practical, biblical approach to taking the next step to sharing Jesus through your life.