Murder At The Breakers
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Release Date: Apr 30, 2019
Pages: 320
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As the nineteenth century comes to a close, the illustrious Vanderbilt family dominates Newport, Rhode Island, high society. But when murder darkens a glittering affair at the Vanderbilt summer home, reporter Emma Cross learns that sometimes the actions of the cream of society can curdle one's blood. . .

Newport, Rhode Island, August 1895: She may be a less well-heeled relation, but as second cousin to millionaire patriarch Cornelius Vanderbilt, twenty-one-year-old Emma Cross is on the guest list for a grand ball at the Breakers, the Vanderbilts' summer home. She also has a job to do--report on the event for the society page of the Newport Observer.

But Emma observes much more than glitz and gaiety when she witnesses a murder. The victim is Cornelius Vanderbilt's financial secretary, who plunges off a balcony faster than falling stock prices. Emma's black sheep brother Brady is found in Cornelius's bedroom passed out next to a bottle of bourbon and stolen plans for a new railroad line. Brady has barely come to before the police have arrested him for the murder. But Emma is sure someone is trying to railroad her brother and resolves to find the real killer at any cost. . .

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Gilded Newport Mysteries Series In Order - By Alyssa Maxwell

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A murder mystery takes place at one of the famous Newport mansions, which are mostly used as museums, wedding venues, and events nowadays. The hero is a young woman who always gets herself in trouble for investigating possible murderers even after being warned many times. She wants to be a reporter, but can only report on society functions. She is likable and most of the characters are believable. A typical Murder She Wrote episode is a little longer and has a younger hero. She has a crush on a character who helps her out. She will get to know him better if the next book is the same as the previous ones. I enjoyed it so much that I' ll look for more.
   Great mystery
A murder has taken place at the summer home of a couple. The half brother of Emmaline Cross was arrested for the murder. Emma thinks Brady did not commit the murder. She does what good girls don't do. The twists and turns were fascinating. There is a story to be had.
   Loved it!
The reader spent a lot of time and effort to read the story. The main characters are believable and fun. In a good cozy mystery, the plot is easy to follow. I' ve read several books in the series in hardback, but this is the first that I can't afford. I bought the book the same day it was put on sale. It is well worth it! I think this book is good.
   Amazing Author!
An amazing murder mystery has been written by the author. There are many twists and turns to the plot. The characters are believable. Emma is surrounded by wealthy friends and her family. She is convinced that her brother, Brady, is innocent of the murder that happened the night of the debutante ball. It is highly recommend.
Victoria Thomson, my favorite cozy historical mystery series writer, suggested this series to me. The beginning was a bit slow but I think the main priority was getting the characters set up. I figured out the Whodunnit, as I often do with cozies. I will read another in the series since this is the first one and the second half of the book was picked up. I like Emma and Nanny.
   Lots of flavor of what the Gilded Age was like
The books in the series have good energy and this is the third one I have read. I loved reading about Barney the horse and how Emma was able to maneuver him and her buggy. This and other details, such as her use of the old fashioned telephone, added to the atmosphere of the story before all of our conveniences. I liked the short Afterword where the author blends the story with the history of the real people who lived in the Gilded Age and who she fictionalized. Well done, well done
   Wonderful historical mystery
A wonderful mix of characters and history is what this book is about. It is easy to imagine what life was like in the late 1800s in Newport RI, as a glimpse of what it was like to be a servant. The main character, Emma, is a strong willed independent and smart woman who was born into a good family but not the wealth. Her dedication to her brother and friends is very clear. She is questioning what she knows about people she has known in Newport. As she fights to clear her loved ones name, she discovers her strength and independence. I was looking forward to reading more gilded age books in Newport.
   A little slow
The author did a good job conveying the spirit and feel of the rich and famous at the turn of the century, but the plot development was slow and not very suspense- filled. It was easy to identify the murderer from the beginning. The mystery was very similar to the old British mysteries with lots of details and characters.
   Likable But Immature Protagonist
I' ll be part of a Facebook discussion of this book later this month, so I wanted to like it more than I did. I would give it three and a half stars for the final part of the book. The main character is a relative of Commodores who doesn't have any money to speak of. She has an immature habit of ignoring advice to stop investigating a murder because it is extremely dangerous. She gets into a close fight. There would be little mystery if she ignores good advice. She is investigating several of the suspects. Her investigations are naive, to say the least, but her heart is in the right place. So. The identity of the killer is somewhat of a surprise. It's a delightful book, but the first three- quarters are a bit too slow.