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   An incredibly enjoyable and emotional thrill ride
While at first I was reading three books about evil, cannibalistic, genocidal maniacs, I couldn t stop reading at the end of the first book. It adds depth and gets you to care about what you 'd assume are likeable and irredeemable monsters. It is far more than conquering an enemy or simply surviving a world, what the book really focuses on the characters and their motivations. To say that it does not have plenty of action. The whole series is full of gruesome, memorable fight scenes, alongside many horrors outside the battlefield. One moment had me cheering the night lords, the next question was if the author had watched Saw before writing. The entire team was glued to the page, however. If you're a Warhammer fan and/or looking for some epic, emotional adventure, then read Night Lords wholeheartedly.
   To this day, one of the best sci-fi books/book collections I've ever read
ADB is an incredibly compelling author, and the trilogy Night Lords is some of his best work. He captures the razor edge perfectly that defines a Chaos Space Marine warband. Low on Ammo, half possessed, hunted by the Loyalist Imperials, other chaos warlords intent on using their resources, and Xenos forces who see the future threat represented by this particular warband, but the story sucked me away completely and made me care in ways I never thought I could. Of particular note is the rivalry between two dreadnoughts who continue a fight they started when both were walking, talking marines free of SarcophogiTruly a fantastic book series. Of course, better if you're versed in 40k lore, but even if you have no idea what Warhammer is, it is well worth considering.
   ADB does it yet again; outstanding.
As someone at best mildly interested in the Night Lords before reading, who simply picked this up after reading the outstanding Black Legion books of ADB, the Night Lords may be my new favorite out of the traitor legions. A must read for anyone who appreciates 40K, regardless of whether you are a fan '' of Chaos or not.
   Despicable, but excellently written
There were no redeeming properties on them and they weren't any better than any demon in the W40K universe. It took me months to finish these books, because I did not want to expose myself to them. It's like watching your home being burgled and the burglars decide to skin and kill your dog and you can not do nothing but watch and scream in vain. These books are written, however, quickly and use all W40K lore excellently. It is no wonder that they are so popular, no wonder that w40k is called a grim dark future where there is only war. These books portray this excellently.
   Excellent night lords collection.
Shows the night lords as human beings, maybe by many standards evil, but not comic book mustache twisting villains.
   It's REALLY fun to read
I read this omnibus as someone who admires the miniatures, but does not play 40k. I have read only one warhammer novel before this, Horus Rising, so that I am an outsider to the hobby for all intents and purposes, only enjoying this as a work of fiction. It is REALLY fun to read. Currently in the second part of the collection, Blood Reaver, and so far I have had no problem with enjoying the story without the background of playing the game. The world is unique, the characters have a distinct voice and personality, and the scenerios are so immersive that I feel excited to read something that feels really immersive. I will update this review when I am done, but my opinion is pretty cemented : this is a fun read and Dembski-Bowden is really talented.
   Fantastic read, and highly recommended for any 40K fan.
I really loved this omnibus '' and I play a loyalist chapter. Aaron Dembski-Bowden gives the sinister night lords a human face and paints them in a new light that I never thought possible.
   A book that will demand your attention and drag you deep into its dark and beautiful pages
A truly great read, if you want to get a glimpse of the night lords, this book is a must read. From character development to story arc, this book does not hold your attention just demands it! I would say this is one of the best books I ever read and I am not saying that a lot of people give praise too easily and say, I am an avid reader and I will gladly say that this is one of the best books I ever read. At this point, Aaron Dembski-Bowden would gladly say, you are my second favorite author.