Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book Of Unspeakable Horrors.
  • Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book Of Unspeakable Horrors.
  • Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book Of Unspeakable Horrors.
  • Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book Of Unspeakable Horrors.
ISBN: 0943151244
EAN13: 9780943151243
Language: English
Release Date: Dec 30, 2019
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 0.4" H x 10.1" L x 6.4" W
Weight: 0.65 lbs.
Format: Paperback
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   Unspeakalbe Horrors
The book came mildly damaged as it is a very thinnish paper back and was not packaged quite as well as it needed. The story told by a familiar character from the JTHM series, continuing the dark twisted perception through another character's eyes, Squee, and the things he faces in everyday life. The book includes cuts that take a brake from the story, interesting deep short comics within the book. Overall, a great, interesting, disturbing piece of work, just what you expected from Jhonen Vasquez. I recommend this book to anyone who has read the JTHM series or any other Jhonen's work. I give it five stars, ignoring the fact that it was mildly damaged. The book was exactly what I expected from this artist.
   Squeeing about Squee!
This book is basically a compilation of previously published squee comics, so if you are looking for something different, this book is not for you. Either way, for a person who loves comics - collections all in one bundle, this is a great buy. Even if you haven 't read all the comics by Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, it is fun to read and well worth the money. And of course, if you are not already aware of it, this is most likely not a comic book you want to give to your little brother or sister of, or.
   Very entertaining.
I'm glad I got this used at a discounted price only because a lot of the fun extras are also included in the director's cut '' edition of the Johnny The Homicidal Maniac book, which I already owned. However, the shorts in this book are well worth the price I paid. The Squee stories make up just over half of the book, with all added alternates on the back. Some of the Meanwhiles are new stories I have never seen before, so I was very satisfied with this book. I am a big fan of all Jhonen Vasquez's work so that this was a necessary addition to my growing collection.
I am so happy to read squee again. I have forgotten how neglected he was by his parents, but it is still funny to me. The poor guy goes threw so much that I forget. This artist writer never disappoints if you are a fan of Johnny the Homnixmaniac that you will love Squee and all his horrors. I swore a star because the top of the book came in a little damaged but other than that I am pleased with it.
   Wonderfully sick and imaginative!
Incompetent Aliens : Satan's son was. Bob icredibly depressed Wobbly Headed. Meanwhile '' Vignettes. Sidenotes by the author are small. And an end of the book full page artworks. All of us are 5 years old when we scared ourselves of our own shadow! The humor is dark, twisted and incredibly funny. Jhonen Vazquez is truly a genius of the human psyche, with social, political and human commentary all mixed up into an incredibly, wonderfully, humorous collection of vignettes. Teens, young adults, adults, and even my grandparents would enjoy and love this book!
   This bedtime story is scaring my nephew. Wait... it is a bedtime story, isn't?
And unspoken is the word that fits the most for describing this comic book. In other words, it's amazingly dark and I like it. This sequel to JTHM is great and it doesn 't need anything from its predecessor, which is also a disturbing artwork itself. I liked the fact that this book collects all the Happy Noodle Boy episodes not seen in JTHM and all the Meanwhiles as well. I think that you should not lose the opportunity to purchase this comic if you are a devoted Vasquez fanatic. It is also a great comic book for reading it as a bedtime story and traumatically affecting your annoying nephew or your little sibling... Why not?
   this book brings back such funny memories from when I read it the first time ...
This book brings back such fun memories from when I first read it as a little goth kid in high school.
   Very good for what it is
I am a big fan of Invader Zim, so when I heard that the creator of the show wrote this comic book, I knew that I had to read it. I am not a huge comic buff, so I am unable to critique finer points about panel design, flow, character design, etc. What I can say is that many characters from the show are introduced in the comic, including the dumb aliens, the teacher, and others I can not think of at the time. The characters have their own roles, which the author does brilliantly in my opinion. For example, it is a thing to notice that Squee's parents hate him. It is quite another to see a panel of Squee walking in on his father watching his birth in reverse, wishing that Squee would just disappear. Over the top moments like this, the comics give a very dark style, which had me laughing quite regularly at the likable humor. This one was also pretty good!
   gift item
bought for my 16 yr old son,lives with me,and he is a big fan of dark humor comics,so he loves it.
   I just love this.
I love this. Not as much as the original homicidal maniac, but still a fun thrill for the kidies to rool for.