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  • Tarot For Kids
ISBN: 1683648226
EAN13: 9781683648222
Language: English
Release Date: Sep 7, 2021
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Format: Board Games
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   HIGHLY recommend
My daughter has been learning tarot since she was 4. But I wanted a deck that was more difficult for her to grasp. I fell in love with this deck immediately. I saw it on a friend's timeline, which I immediately followed. These are great for the young reader to use, reading from intuition, he said. My daughter said they made sense to her... it was easy to understand and connect with them, Raymond said. HIGHLY recommend! These are truly fabulous, Coach.
   GINORMOUS CARDS but lovely.
I absolutely love this deck, Tunick said. There are some beautiful illustrations, and the book is full of people of all ages and backgrounds. Some of the cards are being renamed to be more child-friendly, such as the Devil the Bully. Overall, I'm in love with this deck. Many have pointed out that the cards are huge. On the other hand, it allows for more detail to be showcased, which is fabulous. I can't even shuffle them, and I have no ham hands.
   Adorable deck
This deck is great, Mr. Rule told us. It was a present from my little brother, but I loved it so much I ordered it for myself. The pictures are adorable, age appropriate, and very diverse, Morgenthau said. There are a lot of changes to the cards that I really like, he said. The other is called Friends, which I think is really cute. The price is also great, Mr. Dhaliwal said. There are a few things to note about this set of cards. They're not super comfortable to hold in my hands, so I expect my brother to have some trouble holding them, too. Some of the changes are cosmetic, like the new "diamond" inlay on the left shoulder. The Devil, for example, is called The Bully in this deck. It's a big change from the traditional Rider-Waite deck. The book is written at least 12 years old. If your kiddo isn't a strong reader, you may need to help them.
Television images could not be loaded. This is the deck that I WISH I HAD as a kid. In her book, "The Whole Nine Yards," Mrs. Reed explains all in a clear, positive, thoughtful way. The card features a photo of the two best friends, Death is Change and Friends Forever. She also includes one solid bold sentence in her book that will help readers absorb the concepts of time. For the Magician, she writes, "You are smart and powerful. It's just that you have to do it. This deck is a treasure for children to help them navigate their way through the world, said Melissa Berryhill, director of marketing for Hasbro. I'm grateful that Theresa came up with this brilliant deck for kids everywhere, Hasbro said. The artwork is stunning - the deck is truly inclusive and beautiful. Treasure for any child or adult. I would also recommend this deck to adults -- Theresa's beautiful meanings for the cards make it fun to learn and the artwork by Kailey Whitman is soulful and connected, Melissa said. PERFECT for the children in your life or your inner child!
   Review from a mom
I was so excited to get this deck, said Gillian. Once we received the deck, we had the opportunity to review it. I'm not saying everything about Dr. Goin should be banned, but I do think Dr. Goin should be allowed to die. The dice are too big for a child's hands. The font on this deck is not child-friendly. Some letters look like other letters for children, making it difficult to read. My daughter has no interest in them whatsoever and the font is too small. Even if they were to become popular, I think they'd be better suited for older teens. I will be uploading a video review on my YouTube channel's Paraworld soon and showing the Amber font and size so that you dont have to take my word for it. We had high hope that it would have worked out for us, Mr. Dhaliwal said.
   Not just for kids!
This deck is truly stunning, said Gillian. Extra large cards, stock-well, these are just too good to pass up. This is a perfect deck for anyone who wants to learn to read tarot. I've used it for family and friends and everyone has really enjoyed their readings, Morgenthau said. I can see kids really loving to learn with this deck, Tunick said. It's definitely a deck they can grow with, Tunick said.
   not sized well for little hands
These are beautiful and do not come cheap, even on hardy stock. My daughter, who has no interest in playing with the dice, cannot use them because her hands are too small, not strong enough to shuffle them. I can barely shuffle them. 0 2622010 2622070 2622070 2622070 2622070 It's just a matter of time, I can barely move them. Both are well illustrated and the guide book is great. The item would have earned five stars if the tarot cards were the same size as the dice. I do love that the illustrations depict persons of all colors, and I do like the substitution of the death devil cards with more child-friendly titles.
   Gentle, Loving Tarot Deck
This deck is amazing not only for children, but readers for whom the tarot is not only a tool for children, but also for people who are scared of the tarot. It's also great for those individuals who may want to learn Tarot but are intimidated by some of the imagery in the more traditional decks. I also use this deck to teach my son about tarot, and so far he has fallen in love with the cards. It would definitely recommend.
   Beautiful Deck for all ages
Nice looking deck, too. The quality of the cards is exceptional. I love how inclusive this deck is, and the importance of representation, Ms. Rule told the judge. The card is larger than your standard deck so it's great. It's great to have such quality cards, Reeves said. The box is flappy, I prefer the box with a lid, but I am going to find a bag to put them in. Overall, I really love using them, said Jennette Tamayo of O'Neill Design.
   Beautifully illustrated deck for young and old
What a great deck, said Doyle. Easy to understand and apply, the Babylonian scholars' interpretations of the Talmud are readily available. Even the most seasoned tarot reader can get a new perspective on the traditional cards. I am having so much fun with this deck, said Jennette Tamayo. The Bouncing Frog deck will help children learn how to tap in even more.