The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey To Healthy Relationships
  • The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey To Healthy Relationships
  • The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey To Healthy Relationships
  • The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey To Healthy Relationships
  • The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey To Healthy Relationships
  • The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey To Healthy Relationships
  • The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey To Healthy Relationships
ISBN: 0830846425
EAN13: 9780830846429
Language: English
Release Date: Apr 10, 2018
Pages: 240
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Format: Hardcover
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Book Overview

Most of us have no idea how others see or process their experiences. And that can make relationships hard, whether with intimate partners, with friends, or in our professional lives. Understanding the motivations and dynamics of these different personality types can be the key that unlocks sometimes mystifying behavior in others--and in ourselves. This book from Suzanne Stabile on the nine Enneagram types and how they behave and experience relationships will guide readers into deeper insights about themselves, their types, and others' personalities so that they can have healthier, more life-giving relationships. No one is better equipped than the coauthor ofThe Road Back to You to share the Enneagram's wisdom on how relationships work--or don't.

  • Why do Sixes seem so intimidated and put off by Eights, who only wish the Sixes would stop mulling things over and take action?
  • Why do Fives seem so unavailable, even to their closest family and friends, while Twos seem to feel everybody else's feelings but their own and end up irritating people who don't want their help?
  • How in the world can Fours be so open and loving to you one day and restrained and distant other times?

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   Easy read
However, this book falls short of filling in the many gaps between the two types of work.
   Love! Extremely helpful and eye opening!
Love is what makes us tick. I've recommended this book to friends and family. He will help you find your true love and understand your self.
   This information was extremely valuable.
He suggests that anyone who wants to understand why they do the things they do and ways to grow away from ignorance and weakness into knowledge and strength in relationship to themselves and then to each other.
   Great book
This book is a great resource to dive deeper into the Enneagram and apply it to your relationships. She has an amazing writer's teacher, said Blair.
   Just Okay
If I had read the book, I would have had no expectations, it would have been all right, Mr. Rule told the judge. But it's advertised as a book about relationships, and as one that adds to the information in The Road Back to You. It's a pretty mediocre game, even by Microsoft standards. There is very little information here about the interplay between the two types of pain, nor about the combinations of those two types of pain that may run into trouble spots specific to each. This is, technically, a sidebar to the main story. I feel like I wasted money on this one.
I have found that book to be a transformational experience. It has spoken truth about my life, named things I need to and can change, and shown me how to better love and manage the relationships that matter to me, Beckham said.
   Enneagram based relationship help!
I read this book after reading The Road to You. Her perspective is very positive and gives practical help in connecting with our loved ones more effectively, he said.
   Loved the conversational tone of this.
The Enneagram information was well-explained, and the client was very pleased. My favorite features were the spots where she highlighted each number in relation to the other eight, as well as the chapter-ending pieces that were words of advice for each type and then for people in relationship with others who embody that type. Great customer service, said Paul Dhaliwal, director of engineering for the Postal Service.
   A Map for Healthier Relationships
Master Teacher of the Enneagram, Suzanne Stabile, has studied and taught the ancient spiritual discipline for many years in a variety of settings and contexts. This book provides a map to healthy and more fulfilling relationships through the lens of the Enneagram. Before you can read this book, you must have some basic knowledge of the Enneagram. At the end of each chapter, there are two summary pages for relationships with type numbers. It's great to be back home, but don't settle for the summaries. She has a section on relationships that I found particularly instructive.
   Insightful, helpful, accessible wisdom for relationships
In her book, "The Eyewitness Account," Stabile provides insight into the lives of those who were interviewed. She gives us the fruit of her years of work in a way that is useful, accessible and helpful, Raymond said. Using her gift for storytelling, she lays out how we can improve our relationships with each other by showing us how we can see the world differently from each other. Whether you've heard of or studied the Enneagram, it doesn't matter. Buy Now: EBOOKEE has a book.