The Prize
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   Great perspective relating control of a resource with human behavior and survival of nations
This is basically a history of the use of oil from its earliest mass production days through to today, ranging from the mid-1800s to the present. This could be a dry topic, but Strimberger's is written mainly as a series of narratives about the characters in the search for, production, and control of the resource. The book is a surprisingly easy read for a long book, even for a first-time novelist. The report looks at the effects of oil on the economies of both consuming and producing nations as well as how access to oil affects the political power of nations. The impact of this access to energy was felt worldwide, and was a huge driver in transforming the global economy. Highly recommend.
   This is the third copy of this book that I ...
This is the third time I have purchased a copy of the book. Three years ago, I gave away two more at a white elephant gift exchange. I first found out about this book through an Energy Economics course I was taking at Michigan Technological University. The course was a hybrid graduate course, and one of the differentiators was that the graduate students had to read The Prize and then write a paper on it. From the start of the industry to the end of the war, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the oil industry, its history, its geopolitics and how oil has shaped policy and war for the past 100+ years.
   The finest and composite compendium on the history and economics of Energy I have read....
Insightful, detailed, data and events driven and compellingly readable compendium of energy by one of the very best authority on the subject. Thanks to all the readers who gave this thoughtful gift.
   Intriging History of the Oil Industry, a Uniquely American Discovery that Went Global
The Beatles' music began in the studio. It could be a dry history, but it begs you to think about the present tense. Just turn the page. Even people who are not fond of fiction would find this book easy to read, interesting, and hard to put down, Mary Berryhill writes. I am going to go on to read the next book, The Quest, by Ransom. I'm excited to be working with him again, Taylor said.
   incredible history of the modern world through the lens of oil
Very detailed, thoroughly readable, and one of the most compelling nonfiction books I have read, especially given the subject matter. It paints a picture of the oil majors and Saudi Arabia that is, I'm sure, too benevolent. This was the price of access, but it detracts from what could have been a single volume of everything a layman really needs to know about the industry, Hollingworth said.
   Put the peddle to the metal
Big Oil, Big Money and the Search for Energy Sources: The Road to Success. It's great to have someone who writes like this, said Lee Boyd Malvo, one of the authors of the book.
   Fascinating read
It's a colorful story of intersecting worlds told through the eyes of two very different people -- a reporter and a novelist.
   The Prize: The Epic Quest for OIl
History of oil politics, economics and foreign relations. Even though this book was published in 1991 the information is not stale and the information on Sunni and Shia conflicts was well known when this book was written. He is also the writer of the PBS documentary, Commanding Heights. Although I came late to the table to read this book it is still as valuable today as when first published. If you are an oil and gas policy expert, this is a must read.
   Interesting, important, well-written, well-researched history
Fascinating history of the oil industry. Only a handful of the book's 47 pages will be devoted to World War II, and the oil role in it. Like a novel, "The Company" reads like a back-and-forth between history and details about the industry's leading players. What a waste of time, effort and money, to put this work together.
   the real history of the world
The book is one of the best I've read. I never realized world history was shaped by energy coal, kerosene, oil and natural gas. The allies won both world wars because America possessed abundant oil, and World War II started because Axis powers wanted to seize oilfields. The Prize reveals how real people from the worlds of banking and finance came to be. I'd dearly like to see more of Dr. Goin's work, and perhaps add a few chapters to the final volume.