Tome Of Beasts 2
  • Tome Of Beasts 2
  • Tome Of Beasts 2
  • Tome Of Beasts 2
  • Tome Of Beasts 2
ISBN: 1950789004
EAN13: 9781950789009
Language: English
Release Date: Nov 24, 2020
Pages: 400
Dimensions: 1" H x 11" L x 8.5" W
Weight: 1.737243 lbs.
Format: Hardcover

Tome Of Beasts 2

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   More monsters than you'll ever need.
Meet the people at Kobold Press at Gen Con 2021 and convince me to purchase Tome of Beasts One and Creature Codex, both of whom I highly recommend. Between these three books, you got 1200 optional monsters for your 5-edition game. The quality of their products is astounding, as is the care and versatility. Whether you use these books for their Midgard games or add to your DandD 5th edition campaign, you will like what you have here. They share in the same vagueness as in the 5th edition Monster Manuals, which does allow the DM to build their own interpretation, while I like a little more meat and potatoes for my descriptions and background. But that is my personal opinion. You get what you pay with this book and the other Kobold Press books definitely. So, I highly recommend DMs and players and for RPG fans like me, who love a good monster book.
   Excellent Monster Additions for 5e. Not just reskinned meat bags...
I bought this book to fill a lack of depth in the CR8-13 range that my group was facing. A lot of monsters used in the module we run are based on damage resistance to increase their CR and were thus a little oversimplified to encounter. My favorite sub-type in the book is the Drakes, but the majority of creatures in the book have abilities that really show what makes them unique and brings them to life in a realistic and more lethal way. I have used only a few creatures from this book in 5e games so far, but they have proven exciting in encounters. I am unfamiliar with other RPGs, but this is a great supplement for 5e DandD.
   Good, not great. Mostly just combined animals.
The issue is that it seems to me that a lot of the creatures in the book are just mashed animals. That said, there are some interesting entries and some that offer really unique quest opportunities for a creative GM.
   Very Useful for Surprising Players
You may find that you have to rework statblocks for excellent situations, but this is an otherwise unique addition to any dungeon master's repertoire. It provides a diverse array of creatures, interesting lists and has helpful disease and options. I've ordered other books in this series and used them to great effect, almost as much as the Wizards of the Coast material.
   Awesome price on an awesome tome!
Full of new monsters compatible with 5e, well spoken but not overdone and a well thought out layout. I like this one more than the first tome of the beasts, but there are references back to the first and the Creature Codex, so that it would probably be helpful to have all three.
   A fine selection of third party creatures.
The selection is broad and the ideas are fresh. While I am third party, I appreciate the effort to stay within the style of the 5th edition. If you are looking for either higher challenges for an experienced group or just something unusual, I recommend this book. As a note, the Ravenloft campaign setting launches in a few months, many of these creatures require only the slightest of flavor changes to fit nicely into the domains of Dread. As a plus, players are most likely to be very unfamiliar with such creatures.
   great book
After picking up so many WotC DandD 5E books, i never expected these books to be considerably thicker and just full of monsters. I'm usually one to make homebrew or additional content, but these books are so worth the price for so much content and decent art to boot. With these, pad your 5E library! They are beautiful and useful and cheap for the quality they get.
   I have the first volume
This is a well-written book. In addition to the superior quality of the pages, the covers are thick and durable. Art is great. Monsters are great : There are tables for unexpected encounters and encounter CR's as well as treasure. I am looking forward to Volume Three.