The The Reckoners Publication Order Book Series By  Brandon  Sanderson

Complete The Reckoners Book Series in Order

  • The Reckoners Series Order

  • We get the question all the time "What order should I read the Reckoners series?". We would recommend you read the Reckoners series in order by series number which is:
  • 1.   Steelheart Book
  • 2.   Firefight Book
  • 3.   Calamity Book
  • How long does it take to read the Reckoners Series?

    It takes about 20 Hours and 46 minutes on average for a reader to read the Reckoners Series.
  • How many words are in the Reckoners Series?

    The Reckoners Series has 311,550 words, based on our estimate.

The Reckoners Books

The Reckoners Books in Spanish

Looking for The Reckoners in Spanish? Below is a list of each of the The Reckoners Books in order in Spanish that we have in our catalog.

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